mercoledì 5 agosto 2015

L'eros nelle Mille e una notte

Storia del mercante Masrùr e della sua amata Zain al-Mawasif
Burton, ottavo volume

"Stand thou and hear what fell to me * For love of you gazelle to dree!
Shot me a white doe with her shaft * O' glances wounding woundily.
Love was my ruin, for was I * Straitened by longing ecstasy:
I loved and woo'd a young coquette * Girded by strong artillery,
Whom in a garth I first beheld * A form whose sight was symmetry.
I greeted her and when she deigned * Greeting return, 'Salám,' quoth she
'What be thy name?' said I, she said, * 'My name declares my quality! [FN#340]'
'Zayn al-Mawásif I am hight.' * Cried I, 'Oh deign I mercy see,'
'Such is the longing in my heart * No lover claimeth rivalry!'
Quoth she, 'With me an thou 'rt in love * And to enjoy me pleadest plea,
I want of thee oh! muchel wealth; * Beyond all compt my wants o' thee!
I want o' thee full many a robe * Of sendal, silk and damaskry;
A quarter quintal eke of musk: * These of one night shall pay the fee.
Pearls, unions and carnelian [FN#341]-stones * The bestest best of jewelry!'
Of fairest patience showed I show * In contrariety albe:
At last she favoured me one night * When rose the moon a crescent wee;
An stranger blame me for her sake * I say, 'O blamers listen ye!
She showeth locks of goodly length * And black as blackest night its blee;
While on her cheeks the roses glow * Like Lazá-flame incendiary:
In every eyelash is a sword * And every glance hath archery:
Her liplets twain old wine contain, * And dews of fount-like purity:
Her teeth resemble strings o' pearls, * Arrayed in line and fresh from sea:
Her neck is like the neck of doe, * Pretty and carven perfectly:
Her bosom is a marble slab * Whence rise two breasts like towers on lea:
And on her stomach shows a crease * Perfumed with rich perfumery;
Beneath which same there lurks a Thing * Limit of mine expectancy.
A something rounded, cushioned-high * And plump, my lords, to high degree:
To me 'tis likest royal throne * Whither my longings wander free;
There 'twixt two pillars man shall find * Benches of high-built tracery.
It hath specific qualities * Drive sanest men t' insanity;
Full mouth it hath like mouth of neck * Or well begirt by stony key;
Firm lips with camelry's compare * And shows it eye of cramoisie.
An draw thou nigh with doughty will * To do thy doing lustily,
Thou'll find it fain to face thy bout * And strong and fierce in valiancy.
It bendeth backwards every brave * Shorn of his battle-bravery.
At times imberbe, but full of spunk * To battle with the Paynimry.
'T will show thee liveliness galore * And perfect in its raillery:
Zayn al-Mawasif it is like * Complete in charms and courtesy.
To her dear arms one night I came * And won meed given lawfully:
I passed with her that self-same night * (Best of my nights!) in gladdest glee;
And when the morning rose, she rose * And crescent like her visnomy:
Then swayed her supple form as sway * The lances lopt from limber tree;
And when farewelling me she cried, * 'When shall such nights return to me?'
Then I replied, 'O eyen-light, * When He vouchsafeth His decree!' " [FN#342]